500 Level Fan of the Game – April 29th, 2010

They say that a full moon brings out the crazy in some people, and it appears that an open Rogers Centre roof might have the same effect.  On a beautiful night in Toronto, the 500 level was full of characters making it very difficult to choose a fan of the game.  And you know when one fan gets so blind drunk that he passes out in the 6th inning, and another decides to shout three profanity-laced heckles from out of nowhere (see They Said It), it will take a very special person to knock them off.  Ladies and Gentlemen, the 500 Level Fan of the Game for Thursday April 29th against Oakland – the Hitting Coach.

Clad in a Blue Jays hat, a Blue Jays jersey, and a Blue Jays jacket he was dressed for the part from the beginning.  Unfortunately, the advice he yelled out continuously throughout the ball game to Blue Jays hitters was identical each and every time.  No matter the batter, no matter the count, no matter the score, the situation, or the inning, the Hitting Coach yelled the same advice:

  • “Come on Gonzo – wait on it!”
  • “Hey Vern!  He’s throwing 77 mils-an-hour – wait on it!”
  • “Snider! Shorten your swing and wait on it!”
  • “You know he’s gonna throw slow Lewis – just wait on it!”

What was funny in the first few innings became incredibly annoying in the middle innings.  But showing the heart of a true 500 Level Fan of the Game, the Hitting Coach kept it up, and what was getting increasingly irritating became downright hilarious by the end of the game.  He had men and women all over section 524A wiping tears from their eyes from laughter, half because of what he was saying, and half because of how seriously he was saying it.  This was no heckling – this was honest advice.  Hilarious!

He added to his legend during the 7th inning stretch, going full throttle to “OK Blue Jays”, fists pumping furiously in the air, bouncing up and down on his feet better than any of the girls on the field could ever do.

But the icing on the cake, his crowning achievement,  came in the 8th inning with John Buck at the plate.  Buck had already slugged three bombs in the game and was trying to join Carlos Delgado as the only Jay to hit four in one game.  But the Hitting Coach didn’t care – “Buck!  Shorten your swing!  Wait on it!”

With commentary like that it is no mystery why the Hitting Coach is the winner of this installment of 500 Level Fan of the Game.  Congratulations!  Watch for him in section 524A. same sites expired domains . expiration of domains web archive website offline link checker .

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