500 Level Fan of the Game – June 18th, 2010

The Replica Ed Sprague

Whether it was the security fences and hundreds upon hundreds of police officers, or the fact that the boring Giants were in town, the game on Friday was lacking its normal degree of lunatic upper deck fans.  Most of the crowd 18,000+ were fans that were happy to be there and glad to follow the game.  While something like that is good for the team, it is awful for Five Hundred Level Fan.

That said, there were a few candidates for FLF of the game, including:

– Original Raptor: a 20-something dude wearing an original purple Toronto Raptors jersey with Marcus Camby on the back

– The Young Man Lover: a 50-something man who made sure he sat within 15 feet of a group of shirtless boys.  Disturbing.

– The Underage Drinkers: similar to the fan of the game from June 1st, only a large group of them.

But the winner for this night, based purely on the mix of his volume, passion for the game, level of intoxication, and most importantly his jersey, goes to Replica Ed Sprague.

He was noticeable as soon as we arrived, in a classic Ed Sprague jersey, half un-buttoned with a black tank top underneath.  In fact, it could very well have been the ONLY Ed Sprague jersey I have ever seen.  Sprague was extremely animated, moving between three or four different rows, up and down, all game long.  He was very loud, cheering hugely for every good play by a Jay, defense and offense.

To be honest, he didn’t really do anything memorable.  No ejections.  No vomits.  No heckling.  No spitting, or swearing, or fighting, or dancing.  But he did have an aura about him, something that made him stand out.  Part of me believed he actually might have been Sprague, if not for the fact that he definitely wasn’t with former synchronized swimmer Kristen Babb-Sprague.  His date was ugly.

All in all, if this is what we have in store for the Cardinals series – fans who stay relatively composed – it is going to be a slow week at the dome.  It might end up being a week where we actually focus on the game instead of the fans.  That is not always a bad thing.

But for one night, Mr. Sprague came through with at least some mild entertainment.  Congratulations Replica Ed Sprague, FLF of the game! apache web server . website offline link checker

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