Backyard Lawn Chair of the Game

I have presented several awards for 500 Level Fan of the Game, and even an occassional 100 Level Fan of the Game.  But never did I think I would present a fan of the game award to an inanimate object.

Until now.

Feast your eyes on this:

What a specimen!  What a chair!  The old fashioned Blue Jays logo nearly brought a tear to my eye.  And ladies and gentlemen: what craftsmanship!  The weave of the wool perfect, the colour combination incredible, and the seat cushion sublime.

But friends, not only was I given the great blessing of seeing this chair, I also was given an opportunity to sit in it.  I can tell you that the comfort level was out of this world.  I could have slept I was so at peace.

There was more than just comfort however.  This chair is a piece of history.  I didn’t get a chance to ask the owner how old it was, but judging by the logo it must be weathered.  Sitting in it was like sitting in a time warp.  As soon as I made contact with the cushion my mind was flooded with classic Blue Jay memories, all seeped into the woolly fabric. 

It was 1977 (forget for a second that I wasn’t born yet) and Doug Ault was swatting two home runs in a snowy Exhibition Stadium leading the Jays to victory in the franchise opener.

Then it became 1985, and George Bell caught the AL East division clinching fly out in left field while sinking to his knees.  His cap was falling off his head as he screamed, then embraced Tony Fernandez, while fans flooded the field celebrating Toronto’s first title.

I could feel the energy of the 1989 title, as Henke struck out the Orioles in the ninth to seal the division.  I could feel the power of Dave Stieb’s 1990 no-hitter in Cleveland, and the euphoria of back-to-back World Series wins in ’92 and ’93.

But most of all I felt the joy of winning.  You’re familiar with the phrase “if walls could talk”, well if this chair could talk I’m sure it would have some great stories to tell. 

Upon standing I was full of hope and love for the Jays, which they immediately ruined by losing 9-0 to the Phillies.

But one loss can’t kill the magic of the chair.

If it didn’t belong to very friendly neighbours of my parents I would have considered stealing it.

In fact, I still might…

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