A Night in the Good Seats

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love the Jays, love going to the games live, and love the 500 Level.  But the good seats?  Not so much.  True the 100 Level isn’t without it’s perks.  It offers a better view of the game (in most places).  It gives fans a better chance to see players up close.  And it brings foul balls into play.  But one thing is always missing – crazy fans.

Last night I made my fourth trip to the 100 Level of 2010, using my free voucher received as a result of the G20 Summit.  The seats were terrific – three of us sat in row 13, almost parallel to the first base bag.  We were so close that when one friend yelled “O-Dog!” to former Jay Orlando Hudson, he actually looked up and nodded to him.  Pretty cool.

But as cool as that was, the experience was lacking due to the surrounding fans.  Here are several explanations why:

1. Families

Where on some occasions you might get a few families in the 500’s, the lower level is full of them.  While most of them are fine and just there for entertainment, some are annoying.  Very annoying.  Take, for example, the family sitting directly behind us last night – a mother, father, and young boy named Cooper.  I don’t think Cooper really cared that he was at the game, but his dad sure wanted him to care.  Inning after inning after inning, we were treated to this:


“He broke his bat Cooper!  His bat broke Coop!  Wow Coop!  See that Coop?  Coop, Coop, Coop!”

“Wow Coop!  That ball is high Coop!  See the ball Coop?  See the high ball Coop? Coop?  Coop!!!”

“Coop-a-loop, Coop-a-loop, Coop-a-loop, Coop-a-loop, Coop-a-loop, Coop-a-loop…..”


2. Hecklers

I don’t get it.  In the good seats the fans are so close to the players they can actually see the sweat on their faces.  Players are so close that they no doubt are able to hear hecklers loud and clear.  But for some reason, fans in the 100 Level (for the most part) are TERRIBLE hecklers! 

In the 500 Level, you hear gems.  You hear witty and sarcastic remarks.  You hear nonsensical, drunken drivel.  All of them are fun.  And none of them have a chance in hell of being heard by a player.  But down low, you hear stuff like this:

“Hey Pavano!  You just gave up a home run to Lyle Overbay!”

“Hey Pavano!  I’ve never heard of you.  You’re a nobody!”

“Hey Pavano!  Stop meddling and throw the ball!”

Are you serious?  You paid $60+ to sit close to the field, and THAT is all you can come up with?  No mention of his porn-star ‘stache, his brittle arm, or his stupid, ugly face?  Come on!

3. Bored Fans

It’s inevitable in any sport that you will get some people in the crowd who don’t really want to be there.  For some reason, however, I don’t come across bored fans in the upper deck too often.  Maybe people feel like they have to pay close attention down low, but by being far away they are allowed to be distracted and have fun in other ways.  Whatever the reason, last night we sat behind one BORED lady.  She didn’t speak to the man she was with.  She never left her seat.  She didn’t eat or drink anything.  She just sat there.  I was able to catch a glimpse of her face a few times.  She looked pained.

Finally, in the 7th, she couldn’t take it anymore.  Out came her iPhone and an electronic crossword.  Not kidding.

You would never see this in the 500 Level


4. Sense of Entitlement Idiots

I have talked about this before, but it seems that many fans in the good seats feel that they are entitled to something.  They paid more money than those in the upper deck, so they should be treated like royalty.  Of course there are only a few who act like this, not the entire level, so this is not an indictment of everybody.  But here are a few treats of what I am talking about:

– Our seats were in the middle of the row, meaning we had to walk by people to reach them.  Upon reaching our row, we were greeted with a gruff look and a roll of the eyes from the guy sitting on the aisle, who then slowly and dramatically rose to this feet to let us pass.  Douche bag.  Then, a few people further in, sat a young guy – about 22 – who simply refused to stand up.  We had to wait and look at him before he finally (with another eye roll) stood.  Of course we took much delight by continually going up to the concourse level for beers.

– A man two rows in front of us took up four seats.  Literally.  He paid for one, and took up four.  Not sure if the rightful owners ever showed up, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did and he simply didn’t let them sit.  Amazing.

The Space-Taker-Upper, or Four-Seater

Bottom line: the Jays lost, the seats were great, the fans were not.  But hey, nothing better than a day at the ballpark.  Can’t wait to get back tonight.

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  1. “Stop meddling and throw the ball” seems like an epic heckle! Better than most, anyway. Now, ball to my board office meeting.

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