A Quick Comment on the HR Derby

J-Bau will not be in the HR Derby (photo from daylife.com)

There is a lot of anger and outrage around Toronto today, due to the fact that Major League Baseball’s home run leader has NOT been invited to participate in the Home Run Derby.  That’s right – Toronto’s own Jose Bautista, with 24 HR this season, was passed over for David Ortiz, Nick Swisher, Miguel Cabrera, and teammate Vernon Wells.  Personally I don’t really care.  The second half curse of the derby has been well documented over the years, with several players losing the rhythm of their swing trying to hit home runs.  Do I believe that?  Not really, but I’d rather have a Yankee or Red Sox player prove it wrong than J-Bau.

But this is what isn’t right about the players in the derby field: they’re not the best HR hitters this year.  If the Home Run Derby is supposed to celebrate the best power hitters in the game, it should probaly have the top HR hitters participating.  Look at the participants and where they stand on the HR leaderboard:

American League

– Miguel Cabrera, Tigers – 22 HR, T2nd

– Vernon Wells, Blue Jays – 19 HR, 12th

– David Ortiz, Red Sox – 17 HR, T17th

– Nick Swisher, Yankees – 15 HR, T30th

National League

– Corey Hart, Brewers – 20 HR, T7th

– Matt Holliday, Cardinals – 15 HR, T30th

– Chris Young, Diamondbacks – 15 HR, T30th

– Hanley Ramirez, Marlins – 13 HR, T49th

In the meantime, the following players are at the All-Star Game but are not competing:

– Jose Bautista, Blue Jays – 24 HR, 1st

– Josh Hamilton, Rangers – 22 HR, T2nd

– Joey Votto, Reds – 22 HR, T2nd

– Albert Pujols, Cardinals – 21 HR, 6th

– Vladimir Guerrero, Rangers – 20 HR, T7th

– Paul Konerko, White Sox – 20 HR, T7th

That makes six players in tthe top-10 in all of baseball in HR who are not participating.  I understand that many turned down the opportunity, and that is their choice.  But when so many sluggers, so many more prolific and powerful sluggers, will be on the field watching, it kind of takes the shine off of the event.

Just sayin…

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  1. I know, it’s completely ridiculous. Whether you believe in the HR Derby curse or not, Bautista should be there … or at least have been invited. I don’t know what MLB was thinking on that one.

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