500 Level Fan of the Game – August 12th, 2010

Some technical issues prevented me from posting this yesterday….


What a day at the dome.  It was a game that had everything: idiot Red Sox fans, thousands of camp kids who loved to scream in high pitched voices, an open roof with hot sunshine, a Blue Jays ninth inning comeback win off the Self Cleaning Anus, and plenty of my coworkers getting ripped apart on free beer.

They say that any day on the golf course is better than a day at the office, but I would say a day spent drinking beer and watching baseball tops both of those things – especially on a Thursday afternoon.  Our entire work group was treated to an employee appreciation event yesterday at the dome.  Each of us were given a ticket to the 500 Level and a $20 voucher for refreshments.  While a large majority took the “refreshments” label to mean popcorn, nachos, chicken fingers, and cokes, a small group of us took it to mean beer.  The beer combined with the heat and the thrill of not being at work seemed to have a heavy impact on everybody, but especially on one man:

The 500 Level Fan of the Game for August 12th – SanMan the Superfan.

Right upon arriving at the game I felt better that SanMan was there in his Jays hat and jersey, meaning I didn’t look too out of place in my powder blue Tony Fernandez jersey.  After the stirring comeback win by the Jays, the rowdy ones from our group hit up a bar for a few more pints, which is where the above photo was taken.  The best part about the photo is not the eyes, the smile, or the double thumbs up.  No – the best part by far is the “are you serious” look he is getting from his wife.

It takes a great man to do any one of these things: get drunk in public at a work function, volunteer to be photographed for 500 Level Fan, and do it all to the bewilderment of your significant other.  SanMan the Superfan did all three.

Which is why he is a well deserved winner of the Fan of the Game.

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