500 Level Fans of the Game – August 24th, 2010

At the same time last night’s Jays / Yankees game was terrible and amazing.  Terrible obviously because the Jays got smoked.  Rzep and Tallet were terrible, allowing five Yankee homers in an 11-5 rout.

But the game was amazing because of the 500 Level Fans.  As always, they did not disappoint.  The combination of a beautiful night, an open roof, and the Yankees in town resulted in a LOT of flowing beers.  Seriously – everybody was drunk. 

We started our journey on the third base side of the upper deck, section 533.  It was there that we discovered this gem of a man, the Throwback:

Nice radio. Nice hat.

He could have come straight from the ’50’s with his old school bowler-type hat.  He came equipped with an antique radio to listen to the game, and a tambourine to make some noise when the Jays did something good.  But the best part about the Throwback?  His arm:

That’s right – you are looking at a tattoo of Joe Carter’s leap around the bases after his series winning HR in 1993.  If that is not commitment to your team, I don’t know what is.  Amazing.  Literally amazing.

In the sixth inning, with Toronto getting ripped apart, our crew decided to move.  We found a bunch of empty seats in section 525, behind home plate, and settled down with our beers.  After watching an entire row of drunk guys get tossed from the game for smoking (yes – smoking), we met two fans beside us: the Snakemen.

The Snakemen were on a quest  They wanted to replicate this, seen at a CFL game about a month ago:

Unfortunately, beer snakes have been outlawed in all stadiums since that time.  But that didn’t stop the Snakemen.  They were busy gathering all empty beer cups they could find.  They stood up and asked everybody around them to donate their cups.  They encouraged the entire section to drink faster, so the snake could grow.  Up and down the aisle they went, gathering and stacking like primitive hunters.  At one point the snake got as high as this:

The Snakemen - stacking cups since inning 6

But then, Rogers Centre security, the most respected men in the city, arrived on the scene to confiscate the snake.  A second, third, and fourth attempt to start a new snake failed as security was swift to squash them.  Though the cups were taken, the  Snakemen were not kicked out and never lost their drive.

For that perseverence the Snakemen edge out the Throwback for 500 Level Fans of the Game.

One thought on “500 Level Fans of the Game – August 24th, 2010”

  1. Nice find on the tattoo! That has to be the best Blue Jays ink I’ve ever seen. I would’ve bought this guy a beer just because.

    And nice effort by the snakemen, but there would have to be a tonne of folks drinking tons of beer to make a formidable beer cup snake up in the 500’s. Probably a good project for the Home Opener.

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