500 Level Fans of the Game – August 25th, 2010

Only one word can describe the events in the upper deck last night.


Do you recognize these men?

If not, please click here and here.

That’s right folks.  Not only did I get the chance to see the Jays beat the hated Yankees and get some revenge for Tuesday nights debacle.  Not only did I get to enjoy an open roof and a few cold beers.  I had the incredible opportunity to see the return of both the Chicken Licker and Pingu!!!!

Pingu was seated a few rows behind me.  As usual, he was looking quite rotund.  But unlike the last time I spotted him, when he was verbally abusive, sleepy, and grumpy, he appeared happy.  He was clad in a Blue Jays jersey, fully tucked into his 58-inch waist.  He was no longer cursing Overbay or Encarnacion.  Instead he was jovial, taking photos with random fans and trying to chat to young women (unsuccessfully).

Perhaps it had something to do with being alone.  His normal sidekick, Bobby, was spotted a section over and about 10 rows lower.  Was there a falling out?  It didn’t look like it when Bobby stood up in the 6th and waved.  Maybe they’re just better off kept apart.

As for the Chicken Licker.  I looked to my left in the 4th inning and nearly fell over.  I think I actually did spit some beer out.  There he was, in all his glory.  An inning after spotting him I watched with great anticipation while he brought a snack out of his bag.  Unfortunately it wasn’t a fully cooked bone-in chicken breast this time, but several thick cut slabs of marble cheese.  Sadly, he simply ate them.  No licking on this night.

But nothing, and I mean nothing, can ever put a damper on my personal 500 Level All-Star game.  Congrats Chicken Licker and Pingu, 500 Level Fans of the Game.

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