Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No…It’s Super Vern!

Are these two men the same?


He’s faster than a speeding bullet.

He can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

He possesses incredible, brute strength.

He can deliver babies, bring kittens down from trees, help the homeless, clean up the streets, and help deliver world peace.

Or – it at least seems that way. 

After last night, it is obvious that Vernon Wells can do no wrong against the Texas Rangers.  He is like Super Man…or Super Vern.

After going 3 for 3 with two HR, including a mammoth shot above the Tom Cheek sign and into the fourth deck, Vernon Wells is officially a Ranger killer. 

Don’t believe me?  Look at his stats against Texas this season:

8 games, 13 for 29, .448 average, .529 OBP, 1.345 slugging, 1.874 OPS, 12 R, 8 HR, 16 RBI.


But it’s not just this year.  Look back at Vernon’s career, and you’ll see complete destruction against the Rangers:

75 games, .282 average, .832 OPS, 14 HR, 58 RBI.  The 14 HR are the most he has hit against any team not in the AL East.  To put it in perspective, he has hit one home run for every 21.8 AB against Texas, and one for every 24.8 AB against everybody else.

Why does he do so much better against Texas?

Is it because he grew up in Arlington and wants to perform for his home town team?

Is it because his dad regularly goes to games in Texas when the Jays visit?

Is it because Rangers 3B Michael Young is one of his best friends and he wants to win a friendly rivalry?

Who knows.

Who cares.

All I know is that there are two games left in this series and I would love to see some more Texas annihilation.

If anybody can do it, Super Vern can.

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