Classic Quotes From a Weekend Series Against Tampa

Fantastic game on Friday night, terrible game on Saturday afternoon.  While I was at the Friday night game live and in person – along with fellow Jays bloggers 1 Blue Jays Way and the Blue Jay Hunter – my memory is dim due to beer.  Thankfully, I was not at yesterday’s debacle.  But both nights I had friends scattered throughout the dome who sent me the following classic quotes from Rogers Centre fans.


  • “Wow!  Get this guy outta the game immediately!” – first inning on Friday, after Cecil fell behind 4-0.
  • “Yes Longoria!  You made an error!  Yes!” – dumb frosh kid after Longoria booted a ball in the bottom of the first.
  • “Don’t worry.  The Jays got them right where they want them.” – after Toronto fell behind 8-1.
  • “So I was working at Jack Astor’s, and there was this girl who would come in.  She was the 7th inning stretch girl.  I was tagging her for a while.  It was awesome.”
  • “Alright, bring in the next stiff.” – during a pitching change on Saturday, when the Jays were down 13-1.
  • “This is the worst god damn game ever.  It’s going on forever.  Christ almighty, put me out of my misery.” – Classic.

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