Say It Ain’t So – The Dream Is Over

A rare sight - Baltimore celebrating a win over the Jays (

It was a very sad night.

For the first time this season, the Toronto Blue Jays lost a game to the Baltimore Orioles.  12-0 heading into the game, it looked like the Jays were going to use the momentum from a late inning comeback to win number 13.  But Cito’s attempts to use Brian “Billy” Tallet for three innings proved costly.  The 4-3 loss dropped Toronto to 12-1 against the O’s in 2010.

While it would have been nice to sweep the season series, going 18-0 against an opponent is amazingly difficult for any team.  But – though the dream is over as far as running the table is concerned, there is still an opportunity to set a franchise mark for best record against one team.  Toronto’s best single season record against an opponent came in 2002 against the O’s, at 15-4 (minimum 10 games).

But if you think winning three of the remaining five games against the Orioles will be easy, think again.

Since hiring Buck Showalter, Baltimore has taken off.  Before Showalter’s first game, the Orioles were 32-73, a .305 winning percentage – dead last in all of baseball.  They were even worse than Pittsburgh.

Beginning with the games of August 3, Baltimore has gone 24-15, a .615 winning percentage.  That is good enough for third best in MLB, trailing only Minnesota (.684), and Philadelphia (.675) (tied with Colorado).  They are also sporting a healthy +16 run differential, compared to a -194 before Buck. 

How do the Jays compare?  Since August 3, they sit 19-20, -17 runs, both good enough for worst in the AL East.  Now with Morrow shut down, Cecil fading, and an unofficial expansion to a 6-man rotation, winning games just got that much tougher.

Sadly, the dominance of the orange O’s may be over.

But hey – it was fun while it lasted.

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