5th Annual 500 Level Fan Suicide Hockey Pool Extravaganza!

We are back.

500 Level Fan presents the fifth annual NHL Suicide Pool – and first since the site was born.  Fun, fun times ahead…

The second half of last season saw a final pot of $500 – the fourth straight time the prize has increased – and hopefully we can continue to expand it.

Here is a quick recap of the rules:

– Pick one team to win each weekend (Saturday or Sunday games are included)
– If your team wins, you advance to the next week
– If your team loses  you get a strike
– Two strikes and you are eliminated
– You CANNOT pick the same team twice.  Doing so will result in a strike
– Failure to submit a pick will also result in a strike
– Email your pick before THE START OF YOUR CHOSEN game to nhlsuicidepool@yahoo.ca
– Entry fee is $10
– Winner takes the entire pot

If you wish to join, please have your $10 to me before the start of week 2 (the games of October 16/17).  I don’t really care how you get me the money, but I want to avoid the hassle of trying to round up everybody’s entry fee near the end of the season.  If I don’t have your fee after week 2 your entry will be excluded from the pool.

Feel free to either:
a) give me the money in person if you can or
b) send it via interac email transfer to fivehundredlevelfan@gmail.com – this is the preferred option

If you want to join, simply send in a pick for next week’s games and I’ll add you to a distribution list.

As always please forward this along to anybody you know who you think would be interested.  The more the merrier.

Again – the games begin NEXT SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9TH.

Good luck this year.

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