Simply Amazing

There really isn’t much to say about last night’s performance by Doc.

I know this is supposed to a Blue Jays blog, but how can you not be impressed?

I missed the first inning, but was home to see every other pitch that Halladay threw – and all of them were amazing. 

It’s not often that you see a pitcher in complete control as Halladay was.  I can honestly say that I was shocked when he walked Jay Bruce with two outs in the fifth.  He didn’t miss his spots all night. 

To me the most incredible thing about the no-hitter was this: he was never challenged.  In most no-hit bids, there is always one amazing play that keeps the bid intact.  Sometimes there are multiple plays.  Off the top of my head I remember Mark Buehrle’s gem last year with DeWayne Wise making an absurd catch to clinch it.  Or Vernon Wells crashing against the fence to preserve Brandon Morrow’s effort this year in Toronto.

But that didn’t happen last night.  Sure Travis Wood hit a line drive to the outfield, but Jayson Werth didn’t even have to move.  From my point of view, only four balls made the outfield last night – three fly outs and the lone liner to Werth.  Halladay struck out eight, induced 12 ground balls, and three pop outs.  It was dominance unlike I have ever seen before.

Scott Rolen had the quote of the night when he said “I wonder how many times I would have struck out if I kept going out there?”  Very accurate, because I truly believe Halladay could have gone 14 or 15 innings of no-hit ball.  That’s how flawless he was.

I did not get a chance to see Doc’s perfect game earlier in the year, but it’s hard to imagine him throwing any better than last night.

I know there are a few people in Toronto who want to see him fail, who feel betrayed by him leaving for Philly.

But I think I speak for the vast majority of Jays fans when I say I’m proud of him.  Sure he may technically be the “enemy” now, but it’s impossible to root against a guy who gave everything he had to this team and this city.

Congratulations Roy.  Welcome to Doctober.

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