Hey! It’s Delusional Tuesday!

Cliff Lee is not human (daylife.com)

Not much you can say about Cliff Lee last night.  The man is a machine.  Unstoppable and unbelievable.

After eight shutout innings last night, his 2010 postseason now looks like this:

3 starts, 24 innings, 2 runs, 0.75 ERA, 13 hits, 1 walk, 0.58 WHIP, 34 strikeouts, 3-0 record.


So here is my delusional Tuesday thought: I want Cliff Lee. 

I want him on the Blue Jays next year.

Go ahead Alex.  Sign him.  Give him some money, any amount of money he wants.

He dominates the Yankees.  We play in the same division as the Yankees.  He dominated Tampa Bay.  We play in the same division as Tampa Bay.

Think of what it would allow the Jays to do if we signed him.  They could:

A) Install him as our ace, moving everybody down one slot accordingly.  The rotation would be Lee, Marcum, Romero, Morrow, Cecil, a convenient L-R-L-R-L setup.  Rzep could move to the bullpen as long man, and Drabek could get some more seasoning in triple-A.

B) Trade one of our four starters with a prospect for an outfielder or first baseman.  Names like Prince Fielder and Colby Rasmus keep coming up.  A pitcher like Marcum would likely fit in well on one of those teams.  That would allow either Rzep or Drabek to claim the fifth spot.

Sadly, I’m not an idiot, just a dreamer.  I know there is absolutely no way we sign Cliff Lee.  He likely wouldn’t want to pitch here, and his salary demands would be FAR too high for our budget.  It also goes against our build from within philosophy.

But hey, it’s delusional Tuesday.

I am allowed to believe in miracles…

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