The Things You See When You’re Blind Drunk…

So a few friends and I went to a beer tasting event last night at the Berkeley Church (Queen Street East).  The Toronto Beer Experience.  Great beers.  Lots of beers.  Memory is hazy. 

We left the show around 11:30.

What happened next will go down in history.

In hindsight, was it wise to walk into a bar called The Blue Sea on Queen and Jarvis just before midnight, three guys, four sheets to the wind?  Maybe not.

But walk in we did.

Other than the “interesting” clientele, consisting mainly of a man with no teeth wearing a Detroit Tigers hat, and a man with thinning hair who begged us to insult him, one thing caught my eye hanging on the wall behind the bar.

A glorious sight:

Who said this was only a Leafs town?

Good on you Blue Sea.  Good on you.

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