This Guy Cleans Up Well…

Bautista and Votto with Hank Aaron (

So there I was, watching Game 4 of the World Series last night, and lo and behold, who should appear on my TV screen?  None other than a dapper looking Jose Bautista.

The Jays slugger was presented with the 2010 Hank Aaron Award in Texas, after being recognized as the top hitter in the American League by fans and media.

Bautista became the second Blue Jay to win the award in its 12 year history, joining Carlos Delgado in 2000.

Wearing a fancy suit, black shirt, and a few days stubble on his face, Bautista looked like he would rather be dressed in a dirty uniform, playing in the World Series.  

Who knows?  The Jays might only be a few offseason acquisitions away from making that a reality.

One thing’s for certain – considering he hit 54 home runs with a sports hernia last year, there is a very good chance that this isn’t the last we see of Bautista winning awards.

But hopefully next year he’ll be accepting it in a Blue Jays uniform instead of a designer suit.

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