The All-Time All-Moustache Blue Jays

In honour of Movember, which this writer is proud to be participating in, I thought I’d take a stab at naming the Blue Jays all-time, all-moustache team. 

The following roster of greats has nothing to do with talent, career statistics, or overall contribution to the team. 

It is based solely on the quality of the ‘stache (hence Otto Velez beating out Jesse Barfield for the coveted RF spot).

Feel free to let me know if I missed anybody, which I undoubtedly did…

C – Ernie Whitt

1B – Willie Upshaw

2B – Nelson Liriano

3B – Rance Mulliniks

SS – Manny Lee

RF – Otto Velez

CF – Barry Bonnell

LF – George Bell

DH – Cliff Johnson

SP – Dave Stieb

SP – Jim Gott

SP – Juan Guzman

SP – Jim Clancy

RP – Dennis Lamp

RP – Mark Eichhorn

Please use the comments section to let me know who I missed, and to let me know your favourite.  Personally I like Lamp, but would be willing to grow myself a nice little Eichhorn this month.

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