Who’s on Third?

Every Wednesday during the MLB season, Larry Dobrow of CBSSports.com would release his weekly power rankings. 

Every Wednesday I read them. 

Every Wednesday I ddin’t know whether to laugh or cry or be angry.  His writing is so over-the-top sometimes that it was hard to take.

But a couple of days ago he released a season-end version of the rankings, complete with an “Offseason Needs” line for each team.  Apart from him ranking the Jays as the 9th best team in baseball (pretty cool), he had a one-liner under the “Needs” section that made me laugh out loud:

“A third baseman willing to bend and/or move laterally for ground balls.”

Let’s be honest.  Edwin Encarnacion hit 21 HR, but he was terrible at third base, and with him arbitration eligible and a very possible non-tender candidate, the question begs to be asked – what do we do now?

So far this offseason a lot of attention has been paid to first base, closer, the bullpen, and catcher, but not a lot to who will play third.  The main reason in my opinion?  Because the options are pretty damn scary…


Edwin: They would have to re-sign him, and he would likely be due for a raise because of his offensive production.  But he sucks.  He really, really sucks.

Bautista: Would be a good candidate, but with his arm he might be better off as a right-fielder.

Johnny Mac: He clearly doesn’t hit enough to be considered a starter, and besides – he didn’t look very comfortable at third defensively in 2010.

Aaron Hill: Could move him across the diamond, but then who plays second?  Might be more trouble that it’s worth…

Minors: Brad Emaus has been mentioned, but is he really ready for the big leagues?  He’s only 24 years old and he made 20 errors in AAA Vegas last year.

Free Agency: Look at the list of free agents and tell me one player you’d like to sign:

Adrian Beltre (32) – Type A
Geoff Blum (38)
Miguel Cairo (37)
Jorge Cantu (29)
Eric Chavez (33)
Craig Counsell (40)
Joe Crede (33)
Greg Dobbs (32)
Pedro Feliz (36)
Jerry Hairston Jr. (35)
Jeff Larish (28)
Felipe Lopez (31) – Type B
Andy Marte (27)
Melvin Mora (39)
Miguel Tejada (37) – Type A
Chad Tracy (31)
Juan Uribe (31) -Type B
Ty Wigginton (33)

Seriously – do any of those names look appealing other than Beltre who clearly is out of our league?  The one who makes the most sense and who has actually been mentioned is Ty Wigginton, but he is coming off his first ever All-Star season and might be asking for a raise.

The bottom line is that the Jays are kind of in between a rock and a hard place. 

They only have between bad and mediocre to choose from.

3 thoughts on “Who’s on Third?”

  1. They haven’t given up on Kevin Aherns since he was told to lose the switch hitting, but its a crapshoot with him, who knows.
    I say sign Orlando Hudson to a 2 year deal. move Hill to 3rd. Now you have better defence at 2nd and 3rd. You have a couple of years to develop Echeiverria. It costs no assets.

    Works for me.

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