Short and Sweet – Way to Go Doc!

First, let me clarify – I am over Roy Halladay.  I have moved on.

But in the past I pulled for Tony Fernandez in Cleveland, cheered for Fred  McGriff in Atlanta, and felt happy for Shawn Green in LA and Carlos Delgado in NY.

So I can easily admit that I felt some pride today when it was announced that Halladay had won the 2010 NL Cy Young Award. 

He not only won it – he won it unanimously, becoming the 13th NL pitcher to accomplish that feat.  He also became the 5th pitcher in MLB history to win the award in both leagues.

The stats speak for themselves: 21 – 10. 2.44 ERA, 9 CG, 4 shutouts, and 250.2 IP.  Plus one regular season perfect game and one playoff no-hitter.

Not bad.  Not bad at all.

So congrats Roy.  But leave the World Series to us…

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