Five Winter Meetings Thoughts

Short and sweet today.  Here we go:

1. The Marcum trade.  I have gone both ways on this.  I really like the guy.  He was a grinder, a worker, and by all accounts seemed to be the leader/General of the rotation.  But he also seemed like the most obvious candidate to be moved due to his age and his rotation spot.  You can’t tell me that in four years Marcum will be better than Drabek, Romero, Cecil, Morrow, and maybe even Rzep. 

I think for 2011 it is a bad deal.  The Jays will miss him and Lawrie won’t be ready.  But for 2012 and beyond, it has the potential to be great.

2. I hate the Red Sox.  Just another run-of-the-mill deal where you pick up an All-Star and one of the best hitters in the National League over the past several seasons and give up nothing (NOTHING!!!) off your major league roster.  Depressing.

3. What the hell has gotten into the Washington Nationals?  First Jayson Werth, and now these Cliff Lee rumours?  First – I understand why they overpaid for Werth.  They had to.  Think back to when the Jays overpaid for Vernon Wells.  They had to.  But will Werth really hit in a lineup that has Ryan Zimmerman and that’s it?  I think he needs the lineup protection of Howard, Utley, Rollins, Ibanez, and Victorino.  We’ll see.

Second – if they also sign Cliff Lee (rumours have them as the only team willing to go seven years), I have a bad feeling that they will cripple themselves, rather then solidify themselves as contenders…

4. There were many rumours yesterday detailing how the Jays were heavily interested in Carlos Pena to shore up their first base situation.  Fellow blogger Ian at the Blue Jay Hunter made his feelings known earlier this morning, and I agree with him.  If we can get him on the cheap due to his horrendous 2010 season, it might make sense.  But if it’s going to break the bank, why bother?  We already have a left-handed hitter who hits for power, but has a terrible average and can’t hit lefties.  His name is Adam Lind.  And he can play first base too. (Kind of…)

5. Congratulations to Pat Gillick on being named to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Very well deserved.  As I documented on Sunday (the anniversary of THE TRADE), he single-handedly put the Blue Jays franchise on the map.  He was an incredible GM and duplicated his success in Baltimore, Seattle, and Philadelphia.  An honour that was long overdue.

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