Offseason Fan of the Game

These past few days I have been in an offseason depression. 

It’s cold, snowy, and dark outside.

The Yankees are heavily involved in Cliff Lee talks.

The Red Sox picked up Carl Crawford AND Adrian Gonzalez.

The Orioles added 40 HR third baseman Mark Reynolds.

The Jays responded by trading workhorse / staff ace Shaun Marcum for a minor league prospect.

Thank goodness the Rays lost Carl Crawford, Joaquin Benoit, Carlos Pena, Jason Bartlett, and likely Rafael Soriano and Randy Choate or else I would be in tears.

But then….something happened. 

A loyal 500 Level Fan reader (and creator of the the 500 Level Fan theme song) sent me an email.

The email contained two photographs, photos that gave me proof that die-hard baseball fans still exist in this city.  Proof that despite the seemingly annual disadvantage the Jays appear to have in the AL East, people still care. 

And most of all – proof that these amazing jackets are still around.

From the email:

Just had the best customer in the store, named Nancy.  She just happened to be wearing a BACK TO BACK 92-93 World Series Champions leather jacket!!!!

We talked Jays for about 15 minutes, and she is a total sweetheart.

She talked a lot about the golden years.  In her opinion, Jimmy Key was the best pitcher to ever play for the Jays.

She is also in love with Tony Fernandez, telling me he was as graceful as a ballet dancer when playing shortstop in Toronto.

What a great lady!

Great lady indeed!  Thanks Nancy for cheering me up and never losing faith in our Jays.

Congratulations on being named 500 Level Fan’s first Offseason Fan of the Game!

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