Year in Review – The 5LF Awards

If music can have the Grammy’s, film can have the Oscar’s, and ESPN can have the ESPY’s, then 500 Level Fan can have its own awards.

Introducing the first annual 5LF (5(00) L(evel) F(an)) year end awards.

Best Performance by a Player

Jose Bautista

About as obvious a winner as can be.  His 54 HR shattered the franchise record and topped all of baseball, he drew 100 walks (2nd in AL), had a .378 OBP (10th AL), .995 OPS (3rd AL), 124 RBI (3rd AL), and 12 OF assists (2nd AL).

Best Performance by a Pitcher

Shaun Marcum

The de-facto ace of the staff will be missed in 2011.  Marcum went 13-8, with a rotation leading 3.64 ERA, rotation leading 1.15 WHIP, and rotation leading 114 ERA+.

Best Performance by a Bench Player

John McDonald

Lost in Toronto’s offensive fireworks in 2010 was the performance of Johnny Mac.  He forced his way into 63 games, hit a career high 6 HR, had 23 RBI, and his .727 OPS was higher than Yunel Escobar, Adam Lind, and Aaron Hill.

Biggest Surprise

Jose Bautista

Without a doubt.

Biggest Disappointment

Adam Lind

Coming off a monster season, Lind was brutal.  Aaron Hill put up worse numbers, but he also contributed defensively and battled injuries.  Lind was paid to hit, and he didn’t.  23 HR and 72 RBI from a DH is extremely disappointing, and a .712 OPS was 3rd worst among all AL DH’s with over 200 AB.  The Jays expected, and needed, much, much more.

Comeback Player of the Year

Vernon Wells

The poster boy for “out-of-control” baseball contracts and overpaid players, Vernon turned it around in a big way.  He had his best offensive season since 2006, eclipsing the 30 HR mark for only the 3rd time in his career, and making his 3rd All-Star game.

Best In-Game Moment

Johnny Mac’s Father’s Day HR, two days after his father’s funeral.  Amazing.

Best Pre-Game Moment

Farewell Cito Night, September 29th.  The tributes, the gifts, the speeches, the fake moustaches – the celebration had it all.

Best Games

August 23, Jays 3 – Yankees 2: A near brawl after Bautista was knocked down by Ivan Nova, then two home runs by Jose, including the game winning shot in the bottom of the 8th.

August 8, Jays 1 – Rays 0: Brandon Morrow comes within one out of a no-hitter, finishing with 17 strikeouts in a complete game shutout.

August 12, Jays 6 – Red Sox 5: Down 5-2 in the 9th, Toronto rallies for 4 off of Jonathan “The Self Cleaning Anus” Papelbon.

August 7, Jays 17 – Rays 11: With great fanfare, J.P. Arencibia makes his MLB debut and goes 4-5 with a single, a double, two home runs, and 3 RBI.

April 13, Jays 4 – White Sox 2: Ricky Romero takes a no-no to the 8th before losing it on a Rios HR.  He finishes with 12 Ks.

September 23, Jays 1 –  Mariners 0: Bautista hits number 50, Ichiro picks up his 200th hit.  Milestone day at the dome.

September 10, Rays 9 – Jays 8: The only loss on the list, but a fantastic game.  Jays were down 6-0 in the first, and 8-1 in the 4th before tying it in the 7th on a 2-run shot by Bautista (his 2nd of the game).

Worst Games

July 3, Yankees 11 – Jays 3: The Yanks score 11 times in the 3rd.

July 9, Red Sox 14 – Jays 3: Romero gets hit hard as the Jays fall behind at home 13-0 in the 4th.

June 1, Rays 7 – Jays 6: Jays lead 5-0 in the 7th and 5-3 in the 9th before Kevin Gregg blows the game.

June 2, Rays 7 – Jays 3: The very next day, the Jays take a 2-1 lead to the 9th before collapsing and allowing 6 Rays to plate.

Best Promotion

Dave Stieb Bobblehead Day

It was great to see Stieb (who looks weird without a moustache by the way), and the bobblehead looks great beside my tv.

Worst Promotion

Tweeting Tuesdays

Are you kidding me?

Drunkest Game of the Year

September 10th – Bloggers Day at the Park.  Myself, and the geniuses behind 1 Blue Jays Way and the Blue Jay Hunter, got together for a Friday night game.  I still don’t remember how I got home…

Best 500 Level Fan of the Game

The Moustache Masturbator

Seeing him once was incredible.  Seeing him twice was the greatest moment of the year.

Thanks for reading this year!

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