Dear Manny and Alex…

Manny Ramirez is still a free agent.  The latest rumours that had him signing a deal with the Angels were, as Getting Blanked’s Dustin Parkes reported, absolutely and embarrasingly false.

Therefore, the weeks and months full of rumours tying him to the Jays, and the numerous Manny sightings in Toronto this offseason, could still prove to have merit in terms of a contract.

Do I have anything to base that on?  No.

But I can say this – I suprisingly want Manny here.  When I read the Angels rumours, to my complete surprise, shock, and disbelief, I found myself upset and disappointed.

You see, I’ve never been a Manny fan.

I’ve always considered him a great hitter, but an irritating player, a clubhouse cancer.

Plus I have always – and likely will always – hate, hate, HATE the phrase “Manny being Manny”.

But a few months ago I wrote a post about a potential Manny signing

I was starting to warm to the idea of Ramirez wearing the powder blue jersey next season. 

I was starting to picture the man with the dreads launching bombs into the second deck and flashing a goofy smile as he circled the bases.

So Manny and Mr. Anthopoulos, please listen.

Look what you two could create together.

Alex – you could bring in a true DH, a beast of a hitter, one of the greatest right-handed sluggers of all time.  It would be Toronto’s first scary and powerful DH since Frank Thomas in 2007 and would be a significant upgrade over whoever you were going to slot there (Encarnacion?).  Think of the lineup protection Manny would provide for Bautista.  How many times do you think they’d go back-to-back?  Right…lots.

Manny – you get a chance to repair your legacy, and what better place to do it than the AL East?  You can mash against your former team and your biggest rivals (Boston and New York) 38 times!  Plus you get to play half your games at Rogers Centre, a stadium you have destroyed in your career (.291 average, .940 OPS, 27 HR, 83 RBI in 96 career games).

Plus as an added bonus you get to live in Toronto, a city full of bars, babes, and beers, a city starving for a winning team and a superstar we can connect with.

Come on Manny.

You know you want it. 

Come north.

You won’t regret it.

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