Circle These Dates

Believe it or not, I actually overheard the following phrase mentioned about the Jays this morning:

“Should we be concerned?”

Wow.  I know the Jays are 0-2 so far.  They haven’t scored a single run.  As I write this, they trail the Phillies 6-0 in the bottom of the fourth inning.

But seriously?  It’s Spring Training!

So instead of us focusing on games that don’t matter, I want to focus on games that do.

Get out your pens and get ready to circle your calendars for 500 Level Fan’s “Can’t Miss Games of 2011”:

1. April 1 vs. Minnesota

Opening Day is always a treat, but this year could be a beauty.  Not only do the Jays get to face the defending AL Central champs, there is a chance that Canadian boy Justin Morneau returns to the Twins lineup, and there is a chance that we’ll be treated to a pitching matchup of two young rising lefties – Ricky Romero vs. Francisco Liriano.

2. April 15 at Boston

First trip to Fenway against the big, bad, re-tooled Red Sox.  An early season look at just how good Boston will be in 2011.

3. May 20 vs. Houston

Interleague kicks off, and look who’s coming to town?  The Astros with 1B Brett Wallace – the former Blue Jay farmhand who was traded for Anthony Gose in a widely criticized deal by fans. 

4. July 1 vs. Philadelphia

Canada Day + Friday afternoon + the return of Roy Halladay = a must see game.  Even if the rotations don’t line up and Halladay isn’t starting, I’ll be there.  Jays fans get retribution for last year’s Phillies series moving to Philadelphia due to the G20.

5. August 12 vs. LA Angels

The return of Vernon Wells.  I would hope and assume that he would be greeted with a warm welcome, but there are always a few jerk-offs ready to boo.

6. September 28 at Chicago White Sox

A Wednesday afternoon game to close the season.  There’s a good chance this game will be meaningless, but I dare to dream it won’t be.  Final day of the season, Jays and White Sox tied for the Wild Card.  Winner of this game moves to October.

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