What a Start! What a Game!

All that went through my mind was Major League.

Remember the first game for the Indians in Major League?

Cleveland starts the season with a new player at the top of the order, Willie Mays Hayes, who has blazing speed. In the broadcast booth, Bob Uecker says “you can tell a lot about how the season will go by the first at bat.”

Hayes hits a chopper and reaches on an infield single. As Uecker and his sidekick Monty celebrate the good omen, Hayes takes a big lead and is instantly picked off.

So when the brand new speedster atop the Jays lineup reached on an infield single to lead off the season last night, part of me thought about Major League. Then, sure enough, before the next pitch was even thrown, Rajai Davis was picked off first by Carl Pavano. The promise of a good season was over.

Except….it wasn’t.

Davis alertly stopped short of first and engaged the Twins in a run down. A quick stop and a stutter step later, and he was back on first, safe after avoiding a tag.

The next thing you knew the floodgates opened. Escobar singled, Davis and Escobar pulled off a double steal, Bautista walked, Lind was hit, back-to-back sac flies by Hill and Encarnacion, and Snider reached on an error and suddenly it was 4-0.

The Jays never looked back. Romero dominated, my rookie of the year pick J.P. Arencibia had two HR and a triple, and the reigning home run king also went deep.

The 13-3 romp was pretty much the perfect start the Jays could hope for and it also even further increased the excitement level in the city.

And hey, just because the season didn’t start like Major League, doesn’t mean it won’t end like

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it. Jays vs. Yankees in a one game playoff?

Never say never.

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