Frustrating…Very Frustrating

Escobar was hurt on this slide last night (from


Just a few frustrating observations about the first week of 2011.


The Jays are playing an afternoon game today, but it’s Thursday and I am at work.  This means not only can I not go to the game live, but I also can not watch it on TV. 


The Jays are off to a 4-1 start, but nobody seems to care about it.  Instead the three biggest pieces of news coming from the AL East are:

1. Boston is 0-5

2. Tampa Bay is 0-5

3. Baltimore is 4-1


Yunel Escobar is off to a blazing start (.474 average, 1.342 OPS, walk off HR), but was sent to hospital for neurological tests after hitting his head sliding into third.  A potential concussion would sideline the SS for at least a week, maybe more.  Let’s hope for good news.

Very Frustrating

Aaron Hill.  I was hoping for a bounce back year.  I really thought he had it in him to put up decent numbers, even something as “average” as a .255 batting average.  Yes I know it’s early, but a .211 avg, .190 OBP, and .453 OPS is not good.  Even worse is how hopeless he appears at the plate sometimes.  Last night was a prime example. 

First Inning:  Lind on second, one out.  Result: Weak ground out to third.

Fourth Inning: Leadoff.  Result: Pop-up, virtually straight up to second.

Fifth Inning: Escobar on third, two out.  Result: Pop-up, straight up, foul territory

Yes he came through with a big single in the 8th to drive in an insurance run, but the weak ground outs and straight up pop-flies are a sorry reminder of last season.

Not Frustrating

Hey – we’re 4-1, and have won two straight without Bautista.  I’m happy.

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