500 Level Fan of the Game – April 19th, 2011

Is this the next Devon White?


What a way to start a series!  A ninth inning comeback against the greatest reliever in the history of the game to force extras, and then a game winning double by a young star stuck in a horrific funk?  Yes sir.

The 6-5 win was a great thrill ride, and thus far in the early season, the hands down game of the year.  The Jays were able to overcome a shaky start by Kyle Drabek (4 walks, 4 runs), an injury to Aaron Hill, and typical bullpen debauchery by Jason Frasor (solo HR allowed) to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. 

The victory was even sweeter because it came against the Yankees.  As usual for Yankees games, there was a large crowd (over 25,000), and a lot of annoying, arrogant, New York fans.  There was taunting, there was heckling, there were some near fisticuffs.  One girl behind us came up with a gem when she stood up in her Yankee jersey, and started shouting names of the New York players as if that was supposed to terrify Blue Jay fans.  “We’ve got A-Rod, Jeter, Swisher, Granderson, Teixeira, ….”

But through all the excitement, both on-field and off, there was one man in the 500 level who never took his eye off the ball.  He didn’t let anything distract him, lest he miss his chance to fulfill his dream: catching a foul ball.

The 500 Level Fan of the Game – the Gold Glover.

I’m accustomed to seeing fans wearing ball gloves to games.  It’s part of being a baseball fan.  But generally those people fit one of the following criteria:

a) they are sitting low, either in the 100 level, or maybe the 200 level

b) they are 12 years old or younger

About 99% of all fans who wear a glove actually fit BOTH criteria.

Not the Gold Glover.  He looked like he was in his 60’s, and he was SITTING IN THE 500 LEVEL.  Not only that, he was sitting fairly high up in the 500 level, in row 12. 

Let me reiterate that.

He was sitting in section 516, row 12. 

And he was wearing a glove.

But it gets better.  Not only was he wearing a glove, but he never took the glove off.  Never.  Not once did I see his bare hand.  For ten full innings. 

And the focus!  Wow!  Take a look at the photo.  Tell me he isn’t picturing himself making a play.  He is ready baby!  Ready for any ball that might come his way.

Sadly for the Gold Glover he never did get a chance to show off his defensive skills.  Nary a ball came his way.  In fact, none were even close.

But he can at least take solace in the fact that he was named 500 Level Fan of the Game.

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  1. Wow, what a rare find! You never know, once in a while Jose gets a hold of one and rockets it up to the 500’s but that’s way on the left field side. Good luck to this man.

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