A Short, Angry, Irrational, (and Drunken) Rant on a Pathetic Game

Yes, I’ve had a few beers.

Yes, this is day four of a long weekend bender.

But I have reason to be angry, drunk or sober.

The Toronto Blue Jays were pathetic this afternoon.

A complete game shutout for James Shields?  Come on.

Every aspect of the offensive game was horrendous.  Ricky Romero pitched an unbelievable game and ended up with the loss because the Jays lost the ability to hit.

Adam Lind was 0-4 with a strikeout and weak flyballs – each one coming on what looked like a one-handed swing.

Yunel Escobar went 0-4 with four groundouts – three to the EXACT SAME SPOT!

Jose Bautista continued to show a good eye – but was picked off with one out in the bottom of the ninth with the tying run at the plate.

And the worst part?  The game was over in two hours and five minutes.  It was the shortest game of the season.

And it just so happened to be my first time sitting in the HSBC VIP seats – 200 Level behind home plate.

Seriously, if they were going to lose in such a terrible manner, the least the Jays could have done was stretch the game out to three hours and let me enjoy the seats.  I didn’t even have enough time to get drunk on beer that wasn’t Bud!  I would have welcomed striking out on three pitches over a pop out on the first pitch!


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