A 500 Level Fan First: An International Fan of the Game

It seems that the influence of the 500 level Fan of the Game is spreading!

Loyal reader @TheCraiger took a trip from Vancouver to Seattle last weekend to catch a game at Safeco Field.

It seemed that although the Mariners were up to their usual tricks (awful, horrible, terrible, putrid baseball), the stadium had plenty to offer…

Including our first International 500 Level Fan of the Game.

I’m not sure what they call the upper deck at Safeco, but for the purposes of this post, it’s the 500’s. From the words of @TheCraiger:

I was at beautiful Safeco field in Seattle this past weekend to witness the massacre that was the Seattle vs. Oakland game. I had nothing to cheer for. The Mariners sucked. That said, the stadium gave me something no game at the Rogers Center could: dozens and dozens of craft brews on tap, real grass with the smell of BBQ’s and garlic fries and not to mention an amazing feeling of being on holiday. I also witnessed and took a liking to (I believe) the first ever International 500 Level Fan of the Game…….Baby Susie.
Baby Susie is a natural. Alert for the entire game, decked out in a Mariners jumper, bib and even hair band. She insisted on facing the action, and was upset when her mom tried to have her nap.
Young Susie did respect the process, however. While the rest of us drunks where lining up for the last round of beer before last call, Susie nestled

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in for a breast feed during the singing of God Bless America.

Her mom helped her cheer for the home team, and jeer for the visitors. Both myself and @kszeto15 both enjoyed having Susie as a neighbor and know she will turn out to be a baseball purist. In fact, I feel like I could be her uncle.
Thanks Susie….you made for a fantastic game.

Thanks @TheCraiger. Hopefully this opens the floodgates for other cities. The more 500 Level Fans of the Game the merrier.

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