500 Level Fan of the Game – No-Hitter Version

It was a terrible decision, but one that I had to make: I was unable to go to the game on Saturday. Thus, I missed seeing in person one of the most rare events that baseball has to offer – a no-hitter.

Thankfully I had some 500 Level Fan scouts at the game, and one was able to come away with a great piece about a drunk and obnoxious Tigers fan. Thanks @TOSocialEvents!

“The 5 inning SuperFan”

The roof was open. The sun was shining. The crowd was big. The fans were in good spirits. And Justin Verlander threw a no hitter, facing the minimum 27 batters and coming literally within one pitch of a perfect game. Forget that the Jays played terribly and got blown out – the respectful crowd at The Rogers Center still gave Verlander a standing ovation. By that point in the game however this guy didn’t even seem to care. Ladies and gentleman I give you… The 5 inning SuperFan.

Initially I had actually thought about calling this post “The Tigers fan who thought he was a Yankees fan.” He was obnoxious. He was vocal. He was rude. But most importantly he thought his team was God’s gift to baseball and he wanted everyone to know it. I mentioned above that he didn’t seem to care about the no hitter but that was a far cry from the opinions he voiced through the first 5 innings. Seemingly with every pitch he had a comment.

“Settle under that Inge, you got it buddy, no problem, nice grab Inge.” (routine inflied fly)

“Here comes an easy out.” (every jays batter – too bad this one proved true)

“Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsss” (consistently with his group of friends)

“Oh that’s in there for a strike.” (seemingly every pitch, ball or strike)

And the list goes on and on and on. I think we have all seen these people before and you get the

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point. Literally this guy was cheering and jeering with every pitch. That was of course until the Bud Light Limes got the better of him. After the 5th inning he barely spoke, even to his friends seated with him in section 517. He made one slurred comment in the bottom of the 8th but that was all.

The guy didn’t even say a word… NOT ONE WORD… when Verlander completed the no hitter. He didn’t say ANYTHING when JP walked to spoil the perfect game. With two outs in the 9th I looked back and he was playing with his phone. Are you kidding me!!! The 25,000 plus that remained to watch the conclusion of the game even rooted for the opposing pitcher in a 9-0 romp. The 5 inning SuperFan however did not utter a single word and by that point I was proud that he wasn’t a Jays fan.

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