Give Him A Chance!




Those three numbers should be all you need to know about John Farrell. Those three numbers should be enough to get people off his back. Over the past several days the Blue Jays fan base has suddenly declared war on our manager. The love affair that we had with him over the winter, his promises, his anti-Cito managerial style, his pitching coach background, has abruptly ended.

Fans are getting angry.

And frankly, I can’t understand it.

So I present to you three numbers to get you all to turn off your hatred.

The first number – 36 – is the number of games Toronto has played thus far, winning 16 of them.

The second number – 22.2 – is the percentage of the season that is over. That would be less

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than one quarter. There is still 77.8% of the schedule ahead. 126 games.

The third number – 10 – represents the number of Toronto Blue Jay players that have missed games this season: Aaron Hill, Jose Bautista, Adam Lind, Edwin Encarnacion, Brandon Morrow, Octavio Dotel, Frank Francisco, Yunel Escobar, Jayson Nix and Rajai Davis. Major league rosters consist of 25 players, meaning that the Jays have had 40% of their roster missing at some point.

So all-in-all, a 16-20 start isn’t that bad. I don’t get why so many people are whining and complaining about the manager. I guess that’s what fans do when a team is losing.

But be honest for a second: does anybody really believe that Toronto should have more than 16 wins? No offense intended, but having a lineup that includes John McDonald, Encarnacion, David Cooper, Jose Molina, and Corey Patterson starting at the same time doesn’t exactly scare anybody.

So yes, John Farrell will start runners. Yes John Farrell will try squeeze bunts. Yes John Farrell will pull a starting pitcher when he is struggling. This team just isn’t built to score runs in bunches, especially when key players are either injured (Lind) or sucking (Snider, Hill). Any additional runs, either scored or prevented, are huge to this team. Waiting for the three run homer is no longer an option.

So how about we all take a deep breath and lay off the manager. Let him do his job.

Would you want somebody judging you based on a sample size of 22%?

Didn’t think so.

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