500 Level Fan of the Game – July 2nd, 2011

It was “Welcome Back Doc” day at the dome on Saturday afternoon, and as expected a HUGE crowd turned out to see our former hero. Nearly 45,000 people crammed into the Rogers Centre, giving us ample opportunity to spot a top notch fan of the game.

But a very surprising thing happened – the fans in the upper deck (at least way out in section 510 where we were sitting) were incredibly well behaved. Most were hardcore into the game. Very few people near us were drinking heavily. In fact, there were a lot of families in the seats surrounding us.

For a change, there were a lot of drunken idiots in the lower level. There was the fool who ran onto the field in the 9th. There were the clowns who littered the field with garbage and water bottles after the ejections of Jon Rauch and John Farrell. But people stayed relatively cool, calm, and collected up top. Refreshing.

The winner of the fan of the game for Saturday wasn’t really in contention until I finally got a good look at his face. He was there with a friend, who from the sounds of the conversation had been a friend for a long, long, long time.

The conversation itself was pretty entertaining, including such great lines as:

– “How are you enjoying life as a retiree?”…”I like it. I can’t ever remember what day it is.”

– “I wonder how they calculate the stat Earned Run Average..”…”I think it has something to do with pitches and innings.”…”Oh, OK. Maybe I’ll ask Google later.”

– “Who’s pitching?”…”I don’t know, they don’t post the pitchers name.”…”Oh wait, I see it. Vilvanoovayawwwaa.”

– “I don’t understand the fuss about flat screen TV’s.”…”I know, I’ve been watching my same TV since the 1970’s.”…”I’m surprised the cathode TV tube died out so quickly. That was a great piece of technology.”

So…entertaining? Yes. Fan of the game worthy? Not really. But when I finally turned around to look at him, I was floored.

Sitting behind us, in Section 510, Row 3, Seat 101 was none other than Mr. Sam Crenshaw!

You all remember Sam Crenshaw don’t you? The night security guard from epic children’s TV show Today’s Special? He had a talking computer, and was friends with Muffy Mouse who only spoke in rhyme. He was a classic character. Sure he was a puppet, but what does that matter?

By far the most noticeable feature of Crenshaw was his moustache.

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It was glorious. It looked almost looked like worms hanging out on his lower lip, settling in underneath is gigantic nose. It was a face you would recognize anywhere.

So when I looked behind me and saw his real life twin, I was shocked. Take a closer look at the comparison. It’s truly amazing!

So congratulations to Real Life Sam Crenshaw, 500 Level Fan’s Fan of the Game!

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