Ricky Romero: The New Pedro Martinez?

from daylife.com

Pedro Martinez, September 24, 2004:

“What can I say? I tip my hat and call the Yankees my daddy.”

A tongue-in-cheek moment? Maybe.

A sarcastic comment meant to deflect attention away from the team? Possibly.

A comment born out of extreme frustration due an amazing pitcher’s constant and chronic struggles against one rival team? Likely.

When Pedro Martinez uttered that now famous line back in ’04 it instantly set off a firestorm against him by Yankees fans. Every appearance Pedro made in Yankee Stadium from that day forward was greeted with raucous “who’s your daddy?!” chants.

Well, change the year to 2011, change the rival team from New York to Boston, and change the pitcher from Pedro to Ricky Romero. That quote still applies.

Ricky is too much of an intense competitor to ever say something like that, but judging by his extreme inability to pitch against the Red Sox, it has to be in the back of his mind.

The Red Sox just might be his daddy.

After another rocky performance against Boston last night, Romero’s career numbers against the Sox went from really bad to atrocious.

Romero vs. MLB (without Boston)

32 – 20, 3.30 ERA, 1.27 WHIP, 7.30 K/9, 2.16 K/BB

Romero vs. Boston

2 – 6, 8.08 ERA, 2.18 WHIP, 8.10 K/9, 1.34 K/BB

The Red Sox own him. They have hit .357 against him (his worst opponents average). They have a 1.030 OPS against him (his worst by far).

They beat him in Boston. They beat him in Toronto. They beat him at night. They

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beat him in the day.

It’s hard to say why he struggles so much, especially when he looks like a Cy Young candidate against every other team.

Have the Red Sox found something in his delivery that they can exploit?

Is Boston simply stacked with better hitters?

Or are they just in his head?

My money is on number three.

But Ricky can take heart in three things:

1. He’s young.

2. He plays in the same division as the Red Sox – so there are plenty of chances to figure it out.

And most importantly…

3. Pedro Martinez couldn’t beat the Yankees….and he turned out to be a pretty damn good pitcher.

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