When The Dust Settles…

Wow.  Wowowowowowow.

What a day so far.

If you sneezed, you might have missed something.  If you close your eyes for a few minutes, you might miss something else.  Alex Anthopoulos, dubbed the Silent Assassin by many, has struck again.

In the span of just over an hour he knocked out two huge trades (well, really only one – a three team mega deal). 

Gone are three pieces of the big league bullpen (Octavio Dotel, Jason Frasor, and Marc Rzepczynski), outfielder Corey Patterson, and minor league pitcher Zach Stewart.

In are an expensive back-up infielder in Mark Teahan, a minor league pitcher in P.J. Walters, former Jay Brian “Billy Talent” Tallet, and some other guy.

Who is the fourth guy?

Only one of the best and brightest young CF in all of baseball – Colby Rasmus.

Jays fans everywhere have been pining for Rasmus for a long time, so to actually see him as a Blue Jay is unbelievable.  Dustin Parkes at Getting Blanked gives us some warning signs to try and temper the enthusiasm, but even he seems giddy by the move. 

And why not?

Rasmus is a guy who was ranked ahead of Travis Snider a few years back.  Rasmus is a guy who ESPN, in their preseason fantasy draft kit, pegged as one of the top breakout candidates in all of baseball – if he received regular playing time.

That prediction has rung 100% true.  Near the end of April, Rasmus was hitting .350 with a 1.010 OPS.  But as he slowly started falling a bit, his playing time was slowly reduced.  Look at Rasmus in July: he has started only 14 of the Cardinals 21 games, and finished only 11.  It’s hard to break out of a slump when you aren’t given the chance to swing the bat.  Just ask Travis Snider.

But what happens now?  At last glance the Jays had lost three members of their bullpen.  Of the players they got back, Tallet is on the DL, and the latest rumour had Trever Miller moving to the White Sox.  Logic would say that Luis Perez is a lock to come back up.  But who else?

And also – Brett Lawrie is on his way up, likely next week.  That will push Bautista back to RF.  Which means Eric Thames and Rajai Davis are without positions.  Unless Thames goes to the DH role…which means Encarnacion has nowhere to play.

So is another move on the way?

With AA, you never know.

But we do know this: Colby Rasmus is a Jay – and he will be a Jay the next time they make the playoffs.  That, my friends, is a 500 Level Fan guarantee.

One thought on “When The Dust Settles…”

  1. I hope Rasmus works out and isn’t the pantload that some in St.Louis have made him out to be. Sounds like a great deal that even if Rasmus doesn’t live up to the potential not a whole lot of value was traded away. Hopefully AA has done it again!

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