So Long Blue Jays! So Long Canada!

With about a week between posts, many loyal 500 Level Fan readers were wondering where I was.  Was this the end of 500 Level Fan?  Was the site shutting down?  Was I signed by a national publication that would make writing about baseball my full-time job?

Well – No, No, and sadly, not even close.

On the weekend, September 10th, Mrs. 500 Level Fan and I actually became Mr. and Mrs., with the long anticipated nuptials out in wine country Niagara.  Despite such luminaries as Alex Anthopoulos, Edwin Encarnacion, and J.P. Arencibia deciding not to show up, the festivities were amazing.  It’s true what they say – it is the greatest day of your life.  It was for me.

But because of the wedding, and our upcoming honeymoon to England and Spain, this will the final post for the 2011 Blue Jays season. 

It was a great ride this year.  The explosiveness of Opening Day, the madman style wheeling and dealing of the silent assassin Alex Anthopoulos, the dynamic first month of phenom Brett Lawrie, and another MVP-style campaign from Jose Bautista have brought baseball excitment back to Toronto.  The Jays, in my book anyways, are serious contenders in 2012.

And what a way to finish the season for me!  I was there to see Lawrie’s “tongue-wagging” HR on Labour Day.  I was there with my nephew at his first ever Jays game to see (most of) the stirring comeback win on Wednesday against Boston.  I was there with a whole slew of family on Thursday to see Ricky dominate the Red Sox.  Add to that the ninth inning comeback on the wedding day and another comback on Sunday, and it was a great week to be a fan.  (We’ll just forget that last nights 18-6 debacle ever happened – except for Bautista’s BOMB against Tim Wakefield).

But don’t worry my friends – this isn’t the end of the road for 500 Level Fan.  Though I’ll miss the last few weeks of the Blue Jays season by drinking red wine on a beach in Spain, I’ll be back in plenty of time for the playoffs.  When I return you can expect the same level of witty, sarcastic, and poorly written commentary on things like:

– postseason predictions

– a look back at my pre-season predictions

– a peek towards Toronto’s offseason

– what beer I envision each member of the Jays drinking in the winter

So thanks for all of your support.  Hopefully you’ll still be here when I return.


500 Level Fan

2 thoughts on “So Long Blue Jays! So Long Canada!”

  1. Perhaps you will catch a game of rounders in Jolly old England? Learn to speak Spanish fluently on your honeymoon please, so you can speak to Encarnacion about his issues directly.

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