An Idiot At Home

Texas against St. Louis.

Who would have predicted that in the pre-season? Texas was still favoured in the AL West, even after losing Cliff Lee, but St. Louis? There was always going to be distractions around that team with the Albert Pujols contract situation, but then throw in losing Adam Wainwright for the season? Their season seemed done even before it started. I wrote them off in a post back in February. Oops.

But that was far from the only “oops” I made this year in predicting the wild world of baseball. So before I make one final prediction about who wins the World Series, I thought I’d treat readers to a hilarious look at just how bad I was this past season. In honour of the Ricky Gervais and Karl Pilkington show An Idiot Abroad, may I present a look back at my 2011 predictions: An Idiot At Home.

In the AL, I completely nailed the AL West, but made such a mockery of the Central that I should be ashamed of myself. I drank the Boston Kool-Aid too, when

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as it turned out I should have been drinking beer like the rest of the Red Sox.

In the NL, I flat out stunk, somehow not believing in the Phillies, and for some bizarre reason having a lot of faith in the Cubs. Picked the Mets right though! Consolation!

Overall Score: Correctly slotted 7 of 14 AL teams, and 3 of 16 NL teams, for a total score of 10 / 30 or 33%. TERRIBLE!

I had faith in Jose Bautista, and apparently am really good at predicting who will steal the most bases. Other than that, pure trash. I had no confidence what-so-ever in Verlander or Kershaw, and both won their respective pitching Triple Crowns. Oops.

Overall Score: Correctly predicted 2 of 8 AL leaders and only 1 of 8 NL leaders for a total of 3 / 16 or 18.75%. AWFUL!

The White Sox, Reds, and Rockies not only missed the playoffs – they finished a combined 24 games below .500.

Overall Score: I only successfully predicted 3 of the 8 playoff teams, for a 37.5% grade. BRUTAL!

These predictions were made before each round of the playoffs began. I obviously showed no confidence in both Detroit and St. Louis and a ton of faith in the Brewers. If only they remembered how to field ground balls…

Overall Score: Six postseason series have been played and I was right about three of them. 50%!

Final Grade: If you combine all four areas of predictions, I regret to announce that 500 Level Fan is in danger of being expelled from the school of baseball forecasting. Only 31.7% of my predictions have been accurate, for a big fat F.

I have only one chance left to redeem myself: check back shortly for my 2011 World Series pick.

Then do yourself a favour and bet the opposite.

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