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The World Series is winding down and sadly the Blue Jays are nowhere to be seen on the grand October stage.

But though they can’t be seen playing, they are definitely making the news – and for mostly the right reasons.

Great News – Jose Bautista wins second consecutive Hank Aaron Award

The Hank Aaron award recognizes the top hitter in each league, as voted on by fans and media.  This, combined with the fact that Bautista was the leading vote getter for the All Star game this year, shows he is one of the most popular players in the league, shattering the stigma that fans don’t know players who play in Toronto.

However, is this a step in the right direction when it comes to the MVP award?  Last year he won the Hank Aaron Award with Joey Votto of the Reds.  Votto went on to capture the NL MVP.  Bautista did not win the AL award.  This year Matt Kemp won the NL Hank Aaron Award, and he is the frontrunner in any NL MVP discussion.  Will Bautista be let down again?  Sadly, the answer is likely…yes.

Interesting News – Boston reportedly interested in bringing John Farrell back as manager

That is, of course, the same John Farrell who spent the past four seasons as Boston’s pitching coach.  Oh, and yes, the same John Farrell who currently manages the Blue Jays.

This has been written about by many writers who are much better than me.  Some think it is disgusting that Boston is trying to poach Farrell.  Some believe that the Jays should simply let him go, pick up some compensation, and hand the reigns over to Brian Butterfield or Don Wakamatsu.  As for me?  I think Toronto should stand firm and put the Red Sox in their place – which is exactly what they did.  A lot of credit to AA and Paul Beeston here, who clearly had no desire to see their manager go anywhere, let alone a key AL East rival.  But kudos to them for letting the story build up momentum for a few days before shutting the door.  Why?  Two reasons really:

1. It created a buzz around the Blue Jays in late October, a time when most Torontonians are watching the Leafs and giving no thought whatsoever to the Blue Jays.  Team management are doing their utmost to keep the Jays relevant, even in the offseason.

2. It further, in my opinion, embarrasses the Red Sox.   This is a team reeling in the loss of Terry Francona and Theo Epstein, a team basically humiliated by the beer drinking and chicken eating accusations about their pitching staff in the clubhouse, and a team given a huge blow yesterday by learning John Lackey will miss all of 2012.  If the Jays would have quickly shut the door on the Farrell rumours, they might have died before getting off the ground.  But by letting them build, Anthopoulos made sure that the Red Sox stay in the news – and for all the wrong reasons.

Amazing News – Canada wins baseball gold at the Pan Am Games

The Canadian boys upset the US 2-1 in last night’s Gold Medal game, with former Blue Jay Scott Richmond pitching 2.1 IP for the save.  Way to go gents!


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