Wow…New Jays Jerseys Blow Me Away

It’s true….I admit it.

While many Jays bloggers (including three of the best in the biz  – Tao of Stieb, Blue Jay Hunter, and Getting Blanked) were excited about today’s new logo and jersey unveiling, I was not.

Maybe it’s because I am still in love with the powder blue’s from the 80’s.  Maybe it’s because there has been a lot of slight and radical logo/uniform change in the past several years.

Or maybe it’s because of this:

Either way I didn’t have high hopes.  When the leaked logo appeared a few weeks ago I thought it was cool, but a logo does not make a jersey.  A solid jersey  = Logo + Font + Colour + Design + Style.

Despite my hesitation, I tuned in at noon anyways because let’s be honest: I would tune into anything Jays related at any hour of the day, any day of the week, no matter where in the world I was at the time.

And man oh man – I’m glad I did.

The jerseys are  fantastic.  The new logo pays homage to the early glory years of the team.  The prominent maple leaf pays homage to the fact that the Jays are a Canadian brand.  The font and trim around the sleeves is flat out good looking.

But what I’m most excited about is the return of the blue.  First there is the colour.  The alternate jersey worn by Ricky Romero is utterly brilliant.  It is classic, savvy, and stylistic.  My mom recently asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  Well Mom, if you’re reading – I’ll take one of those.  (And if you need more ideas, how about a white and grey one too!)

Then there is the word.  “Blue”.  When I was a kid, my favourite team was the Toronto “Blue” Jays.  I had tons of t-shirts and hats that said “Blue” Jays.  Then suddenly, in 2004, everything changed.  The jerseys turned black.  The caps turned black.  The name turned into a 4-letter word: “Jays”.

Today Paul Beeston put it best: “The blue is back.  We are not the Jays.  We are the Blue Jays.”

Amen Paul.  Amen.

The blue is back.

And with Toronto’s third World Series Championship just around the corner, I’m glad we’ll be looking good while winning it.

2 thoughts on “Wow…New Jays Jerseys Blow Me Away”

  1. Today’s new uniform unveiling was definitely a pleasant surprise. I’m sure a lot of people were wary of what might happy, after all why try to re-invent the wheel the the natural choice would be to just revert back to the old uniforms?

    But these versions are a nice compromise. It sounds silly, but I think the choice of blue in the uniform is the best part, it really makes it feel like the “Blue” Jays.

    And I also like your caption for the T-Bird logo!

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