Relax Friends…It’s Early

For those of you who want to jump out of a building after yesterday’s tough loss, for those of you who want to crucify Sergio Santos after blowing the save to the hated Red Sox, and for those of you who are ready to write off 2012 as another lost season, I beg you to please read on.

The following items are cold, hard, and sad facts:

1. Our new closer, the man who was going to shore up the bullpen, is 0 / 2 in save opportunities, has an ERA of 15.43, a WHIP of 3.00, has allowed 4 runs on 3 hits and 4 walks with only 1 strikeout in 2.1 IP.  He’s also thrown a wild pitch. 

Should this be cause for concern?


Why? Because friends…it’s early.

2. Last year the Jays blew 25 saves.  This year they have already blown 2, meaning they have already reached 8% of last year’s total in only 2.47% of the schedule.

Should this be cause for concern?

No.  Why?  Because friends…it’s early.

3. The Blue Jays have played 46 innings (the equivalent of just over 5 games) and have only scored 19 runs.  They only have 32 hits, have only drawn 16 walks, and have 39 strikeouts.  They have only managed to score in 9 innings (19.5% of innings played), and have only plated multiple runs in 6 innings (13% of innings played).

Of the starting nine, only Kelly Johnson has a batting average above .300.  Five of the nine are currently below the Mendoza line.  The Jays have hit only three HR as a team.  Only two starters have an OPS above .650.  Since Opening Day, Jose Bautista is 1 for 12 with 2 BB, 0 RBI, and 0 runs scored.

Should this be cause for concern?

No, because again…it’s early.

Do I wish that Santos would have nailed down that win last night?  Of course.  The Jays could easily be 3-1 right now, with a three game lead on Boston. 

But do me favour:  step back and answer this question.

If I would have told you last week, that our closer would blow two saves, our ace would be roughed up early in the season opener, our offense would be sputtering to the point where a 36-year old reliever named Scott Atchison with a career ERA of over 4 completely shut us down for three innings, and the second best OPS on the team belongs to Jeff Mathis, would you have taken a 2-2 start to the season?

Thought so.

Relax friends.

It’s early.

Things will get better.

Santos will be fine – that’s a 500 Level Fan guarantee!

One thought on “Relax Friends…It’s Early”

  1. I just feel bad for the folks who only heard about the bullpen woes from last year, and then went to the game last night. The bullpen this year on paper is very very good, but I guess they’ll need to earn some of that trust back from the fans first.

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