500 Level Fan of the Game – April 14, 2012

A very special Fan of the Game submission today, provided by a man who was as far as away from the dome as you can get in Canada – rainy Vancouver, home of the dreadfully disappointing Canucks.

Via the wonder that is Twitter, here is the latest edition of the 500 Level Fan of the Game.

“Brett Lawrie’s attempt to steal home and the anticipation of Bau breaking out of his slow start at the plate are usually pretty exciting things to look out for at the Dome. Well tell that to this mini 500 level fan of the game – The Beautiful Infant.

The Beautiful Infant is the six week old Lily, and by the looks of it, she is already a fan. With a cute little Blue Jay shirt, she looks like she has been a fan for years.

Though I was not at the game, I understand (via twitter) that Lily was an aggressive sleeper at the Dome. Unlike her father, who shall remain nameless, Lily is not passed out due to robust alcohol intake. Rather Lily is tired because she is a baby.

Being a baby at the dome has to be difficult. No decent food by baby standards, beer isn’t served warm (or served from a breast) and most of all there are so many idiots screaming uncontrollably. By the looks of it, Lily could care less – she’ll be just fine!

This was the first of many many trips to the Dome for Lily, and one thing is for sure, she fits right in. She looks the part, and will demand

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that AA puts the best possible team on the field.

The Beautiful Infant was easily the most well behaved person at the game. Lily, keep up the good work!”

And Sauny – you keep up the good work as well. Keep the fan of the game submissions coming!

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