No Respect

Really Sports Illustrated? The old logo?


I’m used to the Blue Jays getting little to no respect from major American media outlets. I get it – Toronto is a Canadian team that generates little buzz south of the border. They are rarely on ESPN, rarely on the cover of video games or Sports Illustrated, and are rarely discussed on major US websites.

I’m used to it. I think that all Jays fans are.

But then I saw a post today at and I got a little bit offended. The article in question is the weekly Power Rankings, and it was actually published yesterday afternoon, before the Jays won their fourth straight. Normally a Power Rankings column is one person’s take on all 30 MLB teams, and has more to do with gut feel than with the standings. These Power Rankings are based on the Fangraphs WAR statistic and are a bit different.

You’ll notice from the photo above that they have the Jays ranked 20th. If you click on the link to the article, you’ll notice that 20th puts Toronto behind power teams such as Baltimore,

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Oakland, Houston, the Mets, and Kansas City (KC, by the way, is ranked 7th despite having the worst record in the entire major leagues).

Since these rankings are driven by a formula instead of opinion, it’s hard to argue and get upset about where teams rank. In fact, I’m fine with the Jays being so low. They really haven’t played that well, the offense is struggling, starting pitchers not named Romero have been inconsistent, and the bullpen is up and down. I feel extremely fortunate that the club is 10-6.

So, believe it or not, it’s not the 20th place ranking that gets to me.

What bothers me is this:

Sports Illustrated is a well-recognized, well-renowned, industry leader when it comes to sports media. They are a hugely respected brand that are always on top of everything that happens in the sports world.

But SI – it is late April. The season is almost a month old.

You seriously can’t update the Blue Jays logo?

Talk about no damn respect.

Brutal. Just….brutal.

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