500 Level Fan of the Game – May 1st, 2012

A great game at the ol’ dome last night.  It had it all: an amazing start (4 straight strikeouts for Hutch), a terrible second inning, a Bau home run, a thrilling comeback, a blown save, and a walk off blast by Lawrie.  The crowd wasn’t huge but those of us that were there, after some unpleasant curses thrown at Francisco Cordero for his continued lousiness, went home happy.

One fan in particular missed most of that.  To be fair, she was only like this for the first four innings before the rest of her group arrived, but I don’t know if she knew the first four innings even happened.

The 500 Level Fan of the game yesterday – the Model Employee.  With the lap top fully out and running, she was 100% engaged in what she was doing.  Not content to leave work where it belongs – at the office – she brought it with her to the Rogers Centre, showing her devotion to her career. 

Drew Hutchison striking out three straight powerful Texas Rangers hitters to start the game?  That holds nothing on the latest TPS report.

Kelly Johnson swatting a 3-run bomb to cut the Jays deficit to two runs?  Not as exciting as Microsoft Excel!

Bautista breaking out of his season long slump with a mammoth blast to left field?  No way!  Give me PowerPoint!

Once the fifth inning hit, she was fully engaged with the game, but nothing can take those first four innings away.  Congratulations Model Employee!

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