Quite A Busy Little Friday Alex

Bing, bang, boom. Wow.

Two things:

1 – So I read a tweet last night that Travis Snider was pulled from a game in Vegas after hitting a home run. With Twitter going instantly haywire over what this meant – trade? call-up? injury? – I, sadly, fell asleep.

2 – A fairly busy morning at the 500 Level Fan offices (i.e. real job), meant that I didn’t get a chance to log onto the Twitter device until noon-ish. What do I see but pure, utter chaos. 10 player trade with Houston!

The reaction from people on Twitter about this trade – as it is with all things Blue Jays related – is comical. Seriously, all the tweets compiled and read start to finish could be turned into a humour article. People are THAT weird.

Joe Musgrove, a 19-year old pitcher who I can guarantee that 90% of the fanbase had never even heard of until today, is suddenly poised to become not the next Roy Halladay or Chris Carpenter, but the next Sandy Koufax or Pedro Martinez.

Asher Wojciechowski, currently pitching in A-ball, has gone from being a guy that people confused with Marc Rzepczynski because of his odd last name, to a future 6-time Cy Young award winner and World Series MVP.

J.A. Happ, who the Jays acquired from Houston, is no longer a serviceable left-handed 4th starter with decent career numbers. No, he is now cannon fodder in the AL East, a pitcher who will likely be rocked each and every time he touches the ball for the rest of this season and next.

Come on people. Give me a break.

Is this a blockbuster trade? Aside from the fact that it involves ten players, no. Is it a terrible trade? As with all trades we’ll have to wait and see, but in my opinion it isn’t.

Here’s why:

– It opens up a roster spot and paves the way for Travis Snider to play almost everyday. You’d have to think that this is the chance that Snider and his rabid fans have been waiting for all year. Now he has it. Take it, run with it, and be happy.

– It adds another reliever (or two) to the bullpen. Let’s be honest: Brandon Lyon is not very good anymore, but he can’t possibly be any worse than the hodgepodge of catpoop that the Jays were bringing in from the pen on a nightly basis already (see: Jesse Chavez, Robert Coello, Andrew Carpenter, Ryota Igarishi, Sam Dyson, David Pauley, Even Crawford, et al). And J.A. Happ (who will start in the bullpen) isn’t far removed from some nice seasons in Philly. When Luis Perez went down, the world was ending because we no longer had a multi-inning lefty reliever. Now with Happ, or Brett Cecil, we do.

– For those saying that Happ will be destroyed in the AL East, remember this: Baltimore made a trade that was ridiculed by baseball fans in the offseason, sending perennial innings-eater Jeremy Guthrie to Colorado and the weak hitting NL West, and bringing back righty Jason Hammel. Hammel, said the experts, would be pummelled so badly by the AL East, that it would be a miracle if he lasted the season in the bigs. In 18 starts, Jason Hammel is 8-6 with a 3.54 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, and 8.7 K/9. Hmmm…looks like they missed that one.

– Baseball prospects mean nothing. Seriously – nothing. Yes, once in a while the can’t miss prospects come along who are almost assured of greatness, guys like the Harper’s and the Strasburg’s. But for every one of them there are 10-20 Bryan Bullington’s and Todd Van Poppel’s. I used to be a believer in baseball prospects, but after seeing how things actually play out on the major league stage, I no longer am. When the Jays dealt Roy Halladay to Philly, experts agreed that they got back an outstanding haul. Well, three years later Halladay is still pitching outstanding, and what do the Jays have? Gose has just started, but d’Arnaud is still in the minors (and hurt) and Kyle Drabek has been – and I think we can agree on this – an absolute disaster. And he was the BIGGEST BLUE CHIPPER OF THEM ALL!!!!!

– The kicker – we get rid of the Francisco twins, Ben and CoCo. Both were brought in to solidify the club – Ben the bench, CoCo the pen – and both failed. Miserably. Getting rid of them will only help.

The bottom line, and what you have to ask yourself, is this:

Would you rather have a decent left-handed starter under team control for a few

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more years, or a few “highly touted” prospects who – odds are – will never even sniff the majors, let alone succeed at that level?

Thought so.

AA for life!

2 thoughts on “Quite A Busy Little Friday Alex”

  1. They need to trade Snider. He needs a fresh start, and he’s worth something. Get. Him. Gone.

  2. Todd van Poppel.
    I’ve got about 17 of his upper deck ‘top prospects’
    Cards for sale. Who’s buyin’?
    I like this trade.
    Heck, even if the trade simply consisted of a
    handwritten guarantee from Houston that
    The Horrid Francisco’s will never don the blue white
    and red again, I’d take it.

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