Live – Fan of the Game!

This was sent to the 500 Level Fan headquarters in the 5th inning of this afternoon’s game from friend of the site @TheCraiger.

Though the fan of the game is intoxicated man in the forefront, don’t forget to feast your eyes on the mustachioed gent in the background.  What a delight!

From @TheCraiger:

“A coward is born every minute. This man is living proof. Not only because he is getting married in 2 days, but because he is who he is. Make no mistake about it, @bsaunders33 is a coward.

My 500 level fan of the game, is ‘the man of new found marital status, and continued cowardice’.

His heckles are lame, his hat is square like John Farrell’s and he keeps farting. What a quack.

Due to alcohol consumption, this is all I got.


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