500 Level Fan of the Game – Safeco Field Edition

Special thanks to good friend @TheCraiger for his wit and photo skills.  Keep up the good work!

Straight down the I-5 about 2.5 hours from Vancouver is Seattle. The drive through the gut of the pacific northwest is beautiful. Lush douglas furs, towering Mount Baker, and the thought of spotting a Sasquatch in the full squat taking a dump is what makes the drive so great.

Safeco field is a gorgeous stadium with an authentic American ballpark feel. Great beer ranging from Coors, Bud and Miller, to a massive assortment of micro brews from the pacific north west.

Seattle has a brutal team, albeit fresh off a perfect game. Thanks to this feat the level of excitement was a bit higher than usual. Roof open, famous garlic fries frying, and of course beer flowing.

I wish I had a drunken story for you. A flashing U of W coed or a pressed ham from a blind drunk stud frat guy would have been terrific.

Rather it is with disgust I give you ‘Curly, Larry and Mo’.

I warm you that there is no central theme to my choice. I just felt this needs to be documented.

Curly, the lady on the left, looks more like an inflated female version of Rory McIlroy than she does anything else. However God bless her. She had her radio, score book, enough peanuts to keep an elephant happy for a month, and of course cracker jacks.

Larry was essentially a 60 year old child. Giggling for no reason, he had a baseball glove on (notice he is a southpaw like yours truly) and even a Hunting-style vest on. However the most disturbing part of this picture was his Bluetooth. He was talking baseball the entire time and made no eye contact with his two partners, so I can’t help but think he was on the phone talking shop.

Finally, Mo. There is a very good chance Mo was a savant, or suffers from autism. So it was weird to watch him crushing beers all night. He was barely able to get a word out, as it looked impossible for him to say what he was really thinking. And this was before the beer!

At any rate, it was a great game with a win for the home team on a chilly night at a lovely ball park.


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