500 Level Fan of the Game – August 12th, 2012

What a great find by friend of the site @Tburr51, sending in a classic 500 Level Fan of the Game from the August 12th contest against the Yankees.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the Bird Head:

The game was Aug 12.  We spotted the bird head a few innings / beers into the game, one section to our left.


He was an immediate hit with the group I was with.  He was keepign score, swilling back Cokes, and our group was waiting for him to give his bird a swig.


As you can see, he never took his eye off the game, especially as shown by him walking up the steps with his eye on the field after his 6th inning pee break.


He kept the bird head on all game.  It was a foam piece of art, but I never got close enough to determine if it was store bought or home made.  But it was quite the beauty.  He stayed to the bitter end.

What a trooper the Bird Head man was.

Hats off buddy.

One thought on “500 Level Fan of the Game – August 12th, 2012”

  1. Seen those before, they’re definitely store-bought. But I saw that dude too, and he was awesome. I have a friend with this weird plush Blue Jay head on the front of her hat, it is even crazier looking than the foam hats.

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