Arrivederci…For Two Weeks

Loyal readers,

Please keep me in your thoughts over the next two weeks.

While you will be working and doing chores and living normal lives, I am being banished to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, forced to do nothing but drink red wine, look at the ocean, and rest.

It will be tough.

But honestly, I will miss baseball in the next two weeks.  Last year I was away on my honeymoon and missed the thrilling final day.  This year, with the second wild card added, I will miss the crazy chase for the postseason.  But all is not lost – I return September 30th, meaning the regular season will still be going.  I plan on being at the final two Jays games against the Twins and watch Edwin wrap up the AL HR King title.

So enjoy the next two weeks.

And remember to check back to 500 Level Fan in October for postseason predictions, Blue Jay commentary, and other nonsensical, poorly written ramblings.


– 500 Level Fan

3 thoughts on “Arrivederci…For Two Weeks”

  1. I feel your pain.

    You missed one things you’ll be doing in Italy…

    Writing your amazing book… (possibly on your father in laws iPad!)

    Have a fantastic vacation, mr Simms.

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