Ricky Romero – A Fan’s Perspective


A special treat today at 500 Level Fan.  Here to write a guest post about the demotion of Ricky Romero is none other than @TheCraiger, noted Romero opponent.

As you might expect, he is quite happy that the Jays have send down the erratic lefty.



What a week to be a Toronto Blue Jays fan.  On the same day I ordered my Jays batting practice hat from the Jays Shop (thanks to free shipping across Canada),  Alex Anthopoulos confirmed what so many of us knew to be true: Romero is unfit to pitch at the major league level.   AA, where were you last July??


Having the level of self-respect usually reserved for cuckolds and male adult video stars with tattoos on their face, Ricky was optioned down to the minor league system of the Toronto Blue Jays.  Not only did Romero not make the Jays AAA team, or AA team but he is staying in Dunedin to learn ‘the basics’ with the Single A team. The only thing worse would have been the Single A Short Season team in Vancouver.  I think he was spared this embarrassment given that season doesn’t start until June.  Not to mention they likely don’t want the liability of a player like Ricky.


Ricky has major confidence issues combined with decaying skill level. This is a lethal combination for a pro athlete to have.  He has the swagger of a rapper, but the execution of a sweet talker with a lisp.  For a man who lives with his parents in the office season, he should be well rested, in perfect shape and ready to go every season.


Just a few questions I’d love to know the answer to:


-Did he make any extra effort to work with a coach in the off-season or was he too busy planning BBQ’s with Travis Snider (the ‘Lunch Box coward’ himself)?


-Will he focus less on tweeting and more on learning mechanics while he makes it through his stint in A?


-His time participating in Jays promotional activities will likely be over – will this cause any more issues with his ego and/or swagger?


-If he ever gets back to the MLB, will he be able to hold his head high while heading to the player lounge at Real Sports to watch himself on the big screen?  I personally think he should be banned from the player lounge until he has a 12 game season….don’t hold your breath on this Ricky fans…


We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Ricky, but I’m afraid he’s seen his last start as a pitcher in the Blue Jays rotation.  Is he a coward?  No.  In fact his attitude is very good.  Is it arrogance?  I don’t think so, he seems grounded.  He just needs to remember why he made the bigs in the first place, and learn from his peers and coaches.


Prediction:  He will be traded this year to get a new start in the NL.  Arizona and San Diego are likely suitors for this talentless man.




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