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News Flash!

The Toronto Blue Jays have played 14 baseball games thus far in 2013, and sport a record of 6 – 8.

Based on the pre-season hype surrounding the team, and on the series of offseason acquisitions, many fans expected a record closer to 12 – 2.  For that reason, the Jays bandwagon is emptying faster than you can blink. 

“The team is a bust!” they are saying.  “What a bunch of losers!”

I’ve already implored people to recognize that baseball is a long, long season, that 162 games is a marathon not a sprint, and that 14 games is only a fraction of the schedule.

But panic has still set in, regardless of the small sample size.

So how about this?  Let’s focus on the glass half full aspect of life.

Follow me for a second:

FACT – The Blue Jays much improved and heavily vaunted starting rotation has an ERA of 5.77, good for 28th in the majors.

FACT – Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, one of the top 3-4 combo’s in all of baseball, have combined for only 5 HR, a .205 average, a .702 OPS, and 21 strikeouts.

FACT – Bautista has missed 5 games, Brett Lawrie missed the first 13 games, Jose Reyes has missed the past 4 games, and Sergio Santos just went on the DL.

FACT – Normally rock solid reliever Darren Oliver has a 5.40 ERA and a 2.20 WHIP through 5 innings

FACT – The defense has been awful: 8 errors committed and a total zone rating of -15 (second worst in baseball).

FACT – Bench leader and great teammate Mark DeRosa has actually played in 9 games, and is hitting a robust .174.

FACT – The Jays have allowed 20 more runs than they’ve scored.

I have just presented seven cold, hard, inarguable facts. 

If you would have told somebody that after 14 games, each of those seven statements would be true, what do you think that person would estimate Toronto’s record to be?

My guess?  4 – 10.  Maybe 3 – 11.

Certainly not 6 – 8.

And to make everybody feel even better, here is an 8th fact. Each of those seven statements above can only get better from here.

Imagine what happens to the record then?

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