500 Level Fan of the Game – Petco Park Edition

A very good friend of mine (and a friend of the site!) recently took a trip to San Diego. Judging by his Twitter feed ( @noddini – check it out, though don’t get angry at his non-belief in Rasmus!), it looks he had an excellent time, and only fuelled my desire to check out San Diego even more.

@noddini is a beer enthusiast, and as any beer enthusiast would, he checked out a lot of craft breweries on his visit. He is also a baseball fan, and as any baseball fan would, he decided to take in a game at beautiful Petco Park. As a beer enthusiast AND a baseball fan, he was thrilled with the beer selection inside the stadium (the dome is gettimg better, but nowhere near as good as this):

SD Beers

And most importantly, as a loyal reader of 500 Level Fan, he had his eye open for a Petco Park version of the 500 Level Fan of the Game. Luckily for all, he found a good one.

Thanks @noddini!


May 20th 2013 – Cardinals v Padres.

While visiting San Diego last week I had the opportunity to take in a ball game at Petco park. My first live National League game. Let me just get this out of the way first – Petco park is amazing. By far it is the greatest ball park I have visited. (note: I have

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not yet been to PNC park or AT&T park). Petco has it all – open air concourses, multiple and I mean multiple places to purchase amazing local craft beer, concessions ranging from authentic BBQ to fish shacks, and a real sand beach in the outfield.


I bought myself a nice ticket in the “Toyota Terrace” which would be similar to the 200 level in the Dome. Also as an aside the fans at Petco park know how to watch baseball and know when to cheer when their Padres were down in the score. There were no idiots trying to start “the wave” and there were no idiots booing at pick-off attempts or other routine baseball plays.


Attendance for the game wasn’t great (announced attendance was 18,700) and I was amazed that there were at least as many Cardinals fans as Padres fans. It was like when the Red Sox or Yankees visit the Dome – there were that many Cardinals fans.

While my section was mostly filled with Padres fans there was one Cardinals fan that stood out. “Curly” was sitting all by himself.


His hair was amazing. The man never moved all game – he sat stoically – clearly watching his beloved Cardinals. The headphones never came off and “Curly” seemed fixated at the action on field. “Curly” never even ordered any concessions. Sadly his beloved Cardinals lost to the home squad 4-2. After the game I watched him gather his belongings and leave slowly keeping the headphones on as if to shield himself from the cries of the victors.

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